Gunhouse is a game about making tiny blocks become bigger blocks so that you can make those bigger blocks become guns and special attacks, so you can attack horrible enemy baddudes that want to steal your dang orphans. It has things like: turn based combat, kinda! A bunch of guns to upgrade! Old-timey weirdo writing! Three different kinds of skeleton! Get it on PlayStation Mobile right now!


If you are a jerk and/or a weirdo, you might very much enjoy this Oh, Deer! game that Necrosoft is making for some smartphone and controller-having devices. It might be fun to play! Motohiro Kawashima of Streets of Rage 3 fame is doing the music! I think maybe people will like it! What more do you want from me?


Humanity has fallen, and war is a thing of the past. We no longer have the stomach for it. But international disputes among society’s remains must still be resolved. These conflicts are now brought to bear in The World’s Game: Gunsport. A new four player esport for you and yours.