A new thing with Junkboy

Necrosoft Games has two teams – Team Alpha, and Team One. Team Alpha made Oh, Deer! Alpha, and is making Gunsport. Team One is currently hard at work on something completely different. We don’t really want to say a lot about it until we’ve got the details sorted. It’s very early days, and everything could fall apart, who knows!?

But!! We do want to tell you that we’re working with the fabulous Junkboy (with support from Einsburn). Shane Marks is doing the code, and Brandon is writing. We also have someone REAL COOL doing the music, but we’ll tell you about that later. What’s the fun of letting all your secrets loose right away!?

So, without further ado, here’s a teaser. What kind of game is it? What are we making, and why!? We’ll leave that to you to speculate about.



Gunhouse out for Amazon devices!

Gunhouse Screens

We’ve released a new and improved version of Gunhouse for Amazon devices and the Amazon Android store! You can grab it right here! As for what’s different about it, it’s got all the upgrades from the Windows Phone version – that is to say:

  • A better store with selectable equipment
  • More enemy color/strength sets
  • Screenshake
  • New boss color/strength sets

But this version is even better! It has a lot of bugfixes, screenshake has been tuned, and the overall game experience has improved. We are charging $2.99 for it, which is what we originally charged for the PlayStation Mobile version. We’re experimenting with charging a premium price to see if people want this sort of thing.

The game is still endless, and still has a simple but engaging puzzle style we’ve not seen anywhere else. So we’re hoping you’ll like it, and we’re hoping it sells enough to where we might do more with the thing! Let us know what you think!!

RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE! PSM games still available~!!

As it turns out, while the PlayStation Mobile store is down, the games are still available to buy! You have to be sneaky though – it only works if you click these links from your Vita browser. These games are still 49 cents, and still the same old fun times!

oh, deer! alpha

Get Oh, Deer! Alpha here.


Get Gunhouse here!

Have yourself a heck of a fun time on your Vita, why don’t you!!! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Just don’t tell Sony, ha ha!?

Oh, Deer! Alpha! Out now! Buy it!

Oh, Deer! Alpha is out!! You can buy it for 49 dang cents!

Here’s how you do it. First, know that you can only buy it on your Vita! So you’ve got to go to the vita store, then click over to the PlayStation Mobile tab.


Once you’re there, click on the new releases tab! Over there on the left!

Scroll a bit, and you ought to be able to find Oh, Deer! Alpha! And once you do, please rate it and Heck yeah!!!

Balancing Gunsport: the trouble with asymmetry

Single-screen multiplayer games! It seems like they’re the big burgeoning indie zeitgeist right now. It wasn’t that way when we started making Gunsport, but we took too dang long, and now it is. That’s not really a bad thing, necessarily, but it’s getting crowded in here! And there’s a lot of potential for us to screw up – the more games out there that do something semi-similar, the greater the expectation. This is good! It holds us to the standard to which we hold ourselves, but doesn’t make it any easier on us.

 Gunsport, old versus new, symmetrical, versus asymmetrical.

Recently, I was asked by Engadget’s Anthony Agnello about the toughest aspect of making a game like this, and I thought I’d expand upon that a bit, here.

Gunsport at GDC and PAX East!

Hey friends! Whether you’re on the east or west coast of the US, we’ve got somewhere for you to see Gunsport next week. On the 2nd-6th, we’ll be in the Lobby Bar in South Hall, in Microsoft’s ID@Xbox booth – you don’t even need a pass to get there! Come hang out all day!

At PAX East, we’ll be in the Iron Galaxy booth from the 6th-8th, and at the Indie Games Live event on the evening of the 6th as well!

This is actually a brand new build of the game we’re debuting, with a new stage, new weapons, and other little extras. Especially if you’ve played it before, we want to know what you think!

While at either of these events, we encourage you to pick up the weird gifts we’ve made – we’ve got temporary tattoos of our reaper mascot, in case you want to walk around looking like a huge jerkbag, and we’ve also got pins, which you can use to make your clothing or bag even more amazingly attractive! These will be at both events, so go nuts! We hope to see you there!


Gunhouse is 49 cents on Vita. Here’s how you get it.

Gunhouse launched last year on Vita at $2.99, but since it’s free in Windows Phone, we figured we should deep discount this thing. We couldn’t make it free, because as per the terms of the store, it would’ve had to be free to play, so we chose the lowest possible price – 49 cents! Considering the WP version is vastly improved over the Vita one, that’s a pretty fair price, we think. That’s cheaper than buying a Homies toy in your local liquor store!

But man, how the heck do you find PlayStation Mobile games? There’s no link I can give you, because they’re not directly sold through PSN’s web store, you have to get it actually on your vita itself. They hid these games pretty well, so we’re going to walk you through it.



Last week we decided to finally get it together and set up a press kit. Naturally our first thought was of dopresskit by Rami Ismail. We installed it, and while we really liked the idea of a democratized press kit creation tool, we found that this wasn’t the one for us.

We noticed right away that there were some sections that didn’t apply to us, like awards (we’ll get one some day), or article quotes. But when we deleted these sections, we found there were artifacts left behind, and we couldn’t immediately figure out how to solve this without modifying the php file. We also wanted to be able to change the order of our images, rename sections, and some other minor details, and the path to do these things was not obvious to us.

For what we wanted to do, if editing the source was the solution to our problem, it seemed better to just roll our own. So we did! We preserved the formatting and structure of Rami’s kit, which we liked, but our kit is actually written completely differently, and the process for installing and editing is totally different. So that’s what we called it – differently.


Gunhouse for Windows Phone! It’s free!

What are you, some kind of a jerk who doesn’t like free things? If you have a Windows Phone, there is no reason whatsoever for you to not have Gunhouse on your device. We didn’t even put ads in there! Wild and crazy!

You can get the game right here. We improved upon the PlayStation Mobile version by fixing the store a bit (now you can choose what weapons you take into a fight!), adding more enemy and boss colors (colors!), making the block-sliding action much cleaner, adding screen shake… lots of stuff! So yeah, have yourself a fun time, and let us know what you think and how you feel!


Call of Doggie: Ghosts

Way back round about May of 2013, there was a big old press conference to reveal the Xbox One. Call of Duty: Ghosts was presented, and the internet went nuts – for the dog. We felt it was our civic duty to make a stupid game about the Call of Duty dog, and so spent about 30 minutes learning twine and then making two “games” with it. Twine sure is neat for that sort of thing!

In a way, these two Call of Doggie games were the first releases from Necrosoft! That’s kind of weird! So, if you like, you can play the “serious” version here, and then the “behind the scenes” developer’s commentary version here. It’s sort of… a very specific thing from a very specific time, but why the heck not archive it for future generations? Yeah!!