Welcome to Necrosoft Games!

Hi friends! Necrosoft is a new game company that uses the Hollywood model, finding the right team for the right game. Our teams are small, but what the heck! That’s what indie stuff is all about, isn’t it? The company motto is “games for jerks like us,” and we hope to bring some crazy new ideas to life. Nobody’s making the games we want to play, so we have to make them. Not a bad reason.

The games page has been updated with a few of the projects that Necrosoft, specifically Brandon Sheffield, has worked on, for better or for worse. Thanks for visiting! Please give us good vibes! We might need them for later. Ok!!! Let’s have the fun times!

Monkey Paw are cool guys

Did you know I (Brandon Sheffield! That’s me.) was involved with the early stages of Monkey Paw‘s PlayStation One re-releases of Japanese games on PSN? I sure as heck was! I wrote the “manuals” for a bunch of them (Cho Aniki, Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty, Magical Drop F, and others), but keep in mind all I wrote is what’s below the “instructions” part. The more colorful intros are not me!

In addition to those intros, I suggested a slew of titles to bring over. So you can thank me for Kyuiin, Yakiniku Bugyou, Rapid Angel, and Money Idol Exchanger. Or don’t thank me! What the heck! Either way is fine.

I also did some art consultation for their game Ante Up Texas Hold’Em Poker, if you can believe it. I turned the straight laced cop into a 70s-style detective with aviators! Give me a million promotions!

Sine Mora “Dust to Dust” trailer

There’s a new Sine Mora trailer up, and this one uses some of my naturalized text for its narration. Super pretentious, but it’s kind of neat! If you can’t tell, the trailer is a montage of deaths, which based on my experience, there will be many of in this game…

If I recall correctly, I went over this particular piece of text 15 times to try to get it to match the original author’s intent. Great music though, eh?

Wicked Monsters Blast!

I did some editing for a cute Wii game as a favor for a friend, mostly. Wicked Monsters Blast! is a party game with anthropomorphic animal characters and a silly story, which I edited on the train from Amsterdam to Paris. It did okay, for a budget Wii game! Unfortunately the endings don’t necessarily make sense, since they can’t all happen at the same time, but let’s ignore that, shall we?

I edited text based on printed out storyboards I carried with me across Europe. Kind of romantic, in a way! Note that I did not edit the text on the web site, which has some humorous bits in it. The game was made by Corecell in Thailand, the land of smile!

Here’s a huge character sheet (it’s huge, but the number of characters isn’t necessarily). It reminds me of video games! Remember those? Sonic the gol-danged Hedgehog!