RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE! PSM games still available~!!

As it turns out, while the PlayStation Mobile store is down, the games are still available to buy! You have to be sneaky though – it only works if you click these links from your Vita browser. These games are still 49 cents, and still the same old fun times!

oh, deer! alpha

Get Oh, Deer! Alpha here.


Get Gunhouse here!

Have yourself a heck of a fun time on your Vita, why don’t you!!! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Just don’t tell Sony, ha ha!?

Oh, Deer! Alpha! Out now! Buy it!

Oh, Deer! Alpha is out!! You can buy it for 49 dang cents!

Here’s how you do it. First, know that you can only buy it on your Vita! So you’ve got to go to the vita store, then click over to the PlayStation Mobile tab.

Once you’re there, click on the new releases tab! Over there on the left!
Scroll a bit, and you ought to be able to find Oh, Deer! Alpha! And once you do, please rate it and Heck yeah!!!