Gunhouse is 49 cents on Vita. Here’s how you get it.

Gunhouse launched last year on Vita at $2.99, but since it’s free in Windows Phone, we figured we should deep discount this thing. We couldn’t make it free, because as per the terms of the store, it would’ve had to be free to play, so we chose the lowest possible price – 49 cents! Considering the WP version is vastly improved over the Vita one, that’s a pretty fair price, we think. That’s cheaper than buying a Homies toy in your local liquor store!

But man, how the heck do you find PlayStation Mobile games? There’s no link I can give you, because they’re not directly sold through PSN’s web store, you have to get it actually on your vita itself. They hid these games pretty well, so we’re going to walk you through it.

First things first, take out your Vita, apply the inevitable software update, and enter the PlayStation store. Once there, click on the PlayStation Mobile tab up top! This is the critical step beyond which most folks don’t venture. There are a whole bunch of games in that PSM tab that you’ll never see if you search the normal store. It’s wacky, but there it is! So yeah, click that thing right up.

Next, at least for the time being, you can find us in the Featured tab. Maybe some day we won’t be featured! But for now the easiest way to find us is to click on that tab right there, then scroll right the heck on down to Gunhouse. It’s down there somewhere!

Okay! Now you can click on this download honker right here and get a passable version of Gunhouse for 49 cents! Who are you to resist it!?

But hey, you say. I’m reading this way later than you intended and you’re totally not featured in the PlayStation Mobile store anymore. We’re sad now :( But also! Here’s the longer, more complicated way to find us since there’s noooo searching in the PSM store! First, click the games tab – the one below, not the one on top! The one on top takes you back to normal Vita games, where you can buy all the JRPGs. The kind-of-frog-thing I drew wants you to click the one below. He’s so happy!

Okay good! Now scroll down to puzzle games, because that is where we are located. Had to choose something! I chose that. It does have puzzles right in it! So yeah, click it on through.

Here we are again! Ready to download! Get it up in the Vita!

So there you go, this is how you can get hold of Gunhouse for 49 cents on your Vita. Again, please keep in mind it’s an earlier version of the game – the swiping is not great, you can’t choose your weapons (they’re randomized from a group of five – we fixed that for Windows Phone), and there aren’t as many enemies or bosses. AND you have to pay for it, whereas on Windows Phone it’s free! But I mean, maybe you don’t have Windows Phone. Maybe you want to try out what we might consider a beta of Gunhouse. If so, please do! We really do hope you enjoy it!

Gunhouse for Windows Phone! It’s free!

What are you, some kind of a jerk who doesn’t like free things? If you have a Windows Phone, there is no reason whatsoever for you to not have Gunhouse on your device. We didn’t even put ads in there! Wild and crazy!

You can get the game right here. We improved upon the PlayStation Mobile version by fixing the store a bit (now you can choose what weapons you take into a fight!), adding more enemy and boss colors (colors!), making the block-sliding action much cleaner, adding screen shake… lots of stuff! So yeah, have yourself a fun time, and let us know what you think and how you feel!