Not E3!

Not E3!

Hey friends!

In case you haven't seen, we released two entire trailers for Demonschool during the Summer Game Fest!

The first of the two features a few more bosses, a few more characters including a critical antagonist (in the thumbnail!), a little glimpse at the relationship system, and a lot of SECRETS that nobody will really understand until they play the game. This was edited by our marketing director Jenna Stoeber who has sadly for us (but happily for her!) moved on to a new job. She gave us a nice trailer on the way out!

The second trailer is a bit weirder - it's an homage to our love of practical effects and older media, and uses live action puppetry. Rest assured, there will be no puppets in the game itself! But there are definitely puppets in this trailer, which also shows off even more bosses, more characters, and a brand new music track from Kurt Feldman. This video features puppetry by Jack Fields, and was edited by Duncan Robson.

Both videos debuted on other channels first so our views look super low, but fear not, IGN and Game Trailers' uploads are much higher! But if you wanted to refresh each of these trailers about 5000 times to buff the numbers we wouldn't be sad about it.

Thanks as always for paying attention to us, wishlist Demonschool if you haven't yet, and we'll talk to you all again in about a week with some hot Hyper Gunsport info!!