Dang, look, it's Gunhouse!! It's a video game where you:

  1. do puzzle stuff in a tiny grid to:
  2. add guns to your house so you can:
  3. shoot at the enemy invaders that want to steal your orphan children!

Since the initial release on PlayStation Mobile (Vita) back in 2014, we've added loads of stuff, like more enemies, more stages, a hardcore mode (retuned for 2020!), higher res graphics, more story, rotating objectives, stats tracking (offline), and a whole lot more! We also rebalanced the game, improved the tutorial, locked the framerate, and a did bunch of other stuff we probably forgot! Some super dedicated people have played this game for hundreds of hours, so we wanted to make sure they had lots to do!

Here's some stuff about who made it! Our unique art style is courtesy of Juan Ramirez, who draws everything by hand, then scans it and colors/cleans it in photoshop. Because of this we have hundreds of sheets of paper comprising the entire game of gunhouse!
We’ve got music by Fez and Hyper Light Drifter composer Disasterpeace, with whom we released a cassette soundtrack. It sold out immediately! It's pink! The game was directed and written and designed by Brandon Sheffield (Street Fighter 30th Anniversary, Indivisible, Sine Mora EX), with code and design work by Jim Crawford (he made Frog Fractions and its sequel).

Anyway it's out on Steam and Itch.io now, which is nice. It's also out for Nintendo Switch! Whoa!! Play with Joycons, Pro Controller, or touch!!

If you want you can buy the game for your Vita and PS4, cross-buy! Buy once, play twice!! ha ha. (That's U.S.-only though.)

Anyway, please enjoy! It's a game!~



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