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Gunhouse out for Amazon devices!

We’ve released a new and improved version of Gunhouse for Amazon devices and the Amazon Android store! You can grab it right here! As for what’s different about it, it’s got all the upgrades from the Windows Phone version – that is to say:

  • A better store with selectable equipment
  • More enemy color/strength sets
  • Screenshake
  • New boss color/strength sets

But this version is even better! It has a lot of bugfixes, screenshake has been tuned, and the overall game experience has improved. We are charging $2.99 for it, which is what we originally charged for the PlayStation Mobile version. We’re experimenting with charging a premium price to see if people want this sort of thing.

The game is still endless, and still has a simple but engaging puzzle style we’ve not seen anywhere else. So we’re hoping you’ll like it, and we’re hoping it sells enough to where we might do more with the thing! Let us know what you think!!