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Gunsport at GDC and PAX East!

Hey friends! Whether you’re on the east or west coast of the US, we’ve got somewhere for you to see Gunsport next week. On the 2nd-6th, we’ll be in the Lobby Bar in South Hall, in Microsoft’s ID@Xbox booth – you don’t even need a pass to get there! Come hang out all day!

At PAX East, we’ll be in the Iron Galaxy booth from the 6th-8th, and at the Indie Games Live event on the evening of the 6th as well!

This is actually a brand new build of the game we’re debuting, with a new stage, new weapons, and other little extras. Especially if you’ve played it before, we want to know what you think!

While at either of these events, we encourage you to pick up the weird gifts we’ve made – we’ve got temporary tattoos of our reaper mascot, in case you want to walk around looking like a huge jerkbag, and we’ve also got pins, which you can use to make your clothing or bag even more amazingly attractive! These will be at both events, so go nuts! We hope to see you there!