Final 48 hours for Hyper Gunsport

Final 48 hours for Hyper Gunsport

Time for one last HYPE for HYPER GUNSPORT!

Limited Run's preorder cycle for Hyper Gunsport physical editions will come to an end this Sunday, at MIDNIGHT (EST). After this they're not printing any more copies! So get in there before the deadline or you'll miss the dang boat.

Each version has its own special qualities:

  • The PS5 version has special controller haptics! And it might run in 4K!? We're not sure!!
  • The Switch version runs steady at 60 fps and allows 4 players to play with 4 joycon on one switch! amazing!! wow!!
  • The PS4 version is doing its very best!! But also the spines of the PS4 and PS5 games line up to form a Gunsport ball which is cute.
  • ALL versions have their own cover variant and reverse art!
  • There's a manual! It has a cheat code in it that nobody's found yet!

So, buy it here! Don't wait or you will be sad maybe!