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Hyper Gunsport announced!

Wow, it's been a long time coming for this one! We're happy to announce finally that Hyper Gunsport is coming to basically every platform, after many years of trials, trouble, and tribulations. For me who has been there from the beginning, this dumb game almost feels like a part of me.

Here's a timeline of events for Gunsport.

  • Mid-2013: I play the arcade game Dogpatch. The idea of a non-violent competitive shooting game entered my mind, somehow fused with volleyball, and there we were.
  • August 2013: We make a prototype.
  • September 2013: We bring the prototype to an impromptu event at Sony HQ during the Tokyo Game Show. Zun of Touhou fame played it, and we could not tell whether he liked it. I still don't know. I accidentally ask the head of publishing for Sony Japan to find me controllers and everyone is scandalized. (He was cool about it.)
  • February 2014: The game is featured at indiecade east in their multiplayer showcase. We commission Kurt Feldman to do actual music for it. We tell him the game will be out "pretty soon."
  • Mid 2014: We get a contract to publish Gunsport with a new publisher. Things look good.
  • 2014-2015: We go to dozens of trade shows. We get featured at Sony's PSX. We are in Microsoft's ID@Xbox showcase at GDC and pre-PAX. We show the game on stage at RTX, and at a party in Austria. Things look good. People have a good time.
  • Feb 2015: IDARB, a game featuring Gunsport characters as a special team, is released. We think Gunsport will be just behind it.
  • October 2015: While exhibiting Gunsport at the Tokyo Game Show, members of Arc System Works play the game and tell us to work on our "single credit play." We do. Development slows as we revamp our approach.
  • Late 2015: Our publisher stops being a publisher, and Gunsport is canceled. We feel bad and work on other stuff.
  • Early 2016: We get a pitch from a platform to bring Gunsport to mobile. This too is quickly canceled as the platform evaporates.
  • 2017: Initial target platforms PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are discontinued.
  • 2018: Almost every member of the team has changed. We rebuild Gunsport from the ground up. With no budget, we wind up canceling the game ourselves and working on other stuff again.
  • 2019: we hear Google Stadia needs games. We pitch Gunsport. We get accepted within two weeks.
  • 2020: after a year of revamps and multiplayer headaches, the game releases on Stadia. People like it. Lots of people play it. Finally!
  • 5 seconds after release: People start asking us to port the game to consoles.
  • Mid-2021: We find a new publisher in Hitcents. Hooray!
  • December 2021 (that's now): We announce Hyper Gunsport, our "Super Turbo" style sequel to Gunsport, for all available platforms, alongside Hitcents.
  • 2022: Everyone will finally be able to play Gunsport, the way we envisioned it back in 2013, 9 years later.

What a ride it has been for this little game. Thanks for sticking with us, please stay tuned for more, and please wishlist the game on steam!