Hyper Gunsport is NOW AVAILABLE (and a small Demonschool update)

Hyper Gunsport is NOW AVAILABLE (and a small Demonschool update)

Hyper Gunsport is NOW AVAILABLE!

Available on PC, Mac, and Linux at Steam or via Itch.io, on Xbox, Switch, and coming soon to PlayStation!

Hyper Gunsport is volleyball.... with GUNS. Solo player AND multiplayer arcade action with fighting game vibes, a pulsing soundtrack, a unique cast of characters, and a host of achievements to discover.

If you're not convinced, check out our high-intensity trailer:

At its core, Hyper Gunsport is a cooperatively competitive action game where the object is to shoot the ball into goals of varying difficulty, while the opposing team tries to do the same. Each time the ball crosses the net its point value goes up, so longer volleys mean bigger points and higher stakes.

A team is composed of two positions, a keeper and a striker. The keeper doesn't move, but can fire more frequently, and has a wider aiming range and shot radius - they're often used as defense. The striker can move and jump, but can take fewer shots, so they must be precise and must make them count. Will you burn shots and get aggressive, or set up an iron defense instead? The game encourages teamwork and competition by equal measures.


  • Solo and multiplayer play!
  • Circuit mode: an 8-round tournament, playable in local co-op or single player with an AI partner.
  • Versus mode: 4 player 2v2 or 1v1 local competitive play.
  • 7 arenas with dynamic gameplay and unique gimmicks, like moving goals or changing boundaries
  • 7 teams with unique stories -Random rule sets like BIG BALL, the floor is a goal, higher gravity, and more!
  • AI tournament: let the AI battle itself, wind it up and watch it go.

For the Demonschool faithful, we've got a little something for you as well: a new technique to show!

Techniques are our version of equips; they let you change each character's strengths and skillsets. This particular technique is a later-game one for Knute, our core team's healer.

We lovingly call this technique "heal train," because it allows him to heal any character he passes through! This is super powerful, and will certainly enhance your ability to school demons. Choo choo those boo boos!

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