Hyper Gunsport now available on PLAYSTATION

Hyper Gunsport now available on PLAYSTATION

Now available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5! (And of course still available on Steam, Itch, Xbox, and Switch).

You can play the full tournament with a partner or battle it out online with your friends list using the Remote Play and Share Play options. Plus the PS5 features unique haptic feedback; when you're out of shots, your triggers will stiffen, and when the cooldown has passed, the trigger will bounce back so you can shoot again.

Regardless of what platform you buy it on, please leave a review! It takes less than 5 minutes, and it really does players find the game.

Also, because so many people have asked: YES, you can buy Hyper Gunsport's soundtrack! It's on Bandcamp, and you can check out Ice Choir's other albums there as well.

Thanks again for all your support!

-The lurching devs at Necrosoft Games